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Nan Chiau High School Global Classroom






NCHS Science Exchange Programme at Kyoto, Japan Day 3

On the third day of the trip, we visited Momoyama High School, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Myoshinji Taizoin and Myoshinji Temple. In the morning at Momoyama High School, we first attended a Science lesson about exoplanets and the existence of extra terrestrial intelligence. Immediately after the engaging Science lesson, we had some interaction with the Japanese students for English lessons. Although there was a minor language barrier, we still managed to interact with ease through the use of basic sentences and hand gestures.
Next, we visited the Fushimi Inari Shrine. We learnt about folklores concerning the shrine. For example, the fox is known as the messenger of the gods, so statues of foxes are placed in front of the Shrine with a key in their mouths to guard the shrine. After visiting the shrine and making a wish, we proceeded to the Myoshinji Taizoin for a Zen Meditation session. The Zen Meditation session was a very unique experience as none of us had ever tried Zen Meditation, especially in such a tranquil and idyllic place. After that, we tried a Japanese-style pancake known as Okonomiyaki for dinner. The dinner was very delicious as again, nobody had tried such a wonderful and unique food. Finally, we headed back to Daishin-in Temple for retirement.

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Day 4: today was a day worth remembering. After 2 days, we really improved as a team in terms of discipline and interaction with the kids in cambodia.This is a picture of one of our groups carrying out the recycling lesson.we felt that the lessons really benefitted them and they had fun.The smiles on the kids faces were genuine.They appreciate all our efforts in teaching them.

Humanities Learning Journey - Vietnam 2015 : Day 3

Today, we visited the Fairy Spring. It was a magical experience. The landscape was amazing as the stream meanders its way through the dramatic dunes. Signs of weathering could be seen on the rocks and stepping on the oxidised sand barefooted was a first time experience for all of us! As we ventured further we met several tourists of various backgrounds and it was a nice experience meeting not just the locals but these tourists who were very forthcoming . This definitely enhanced our understanding of the relationship between human activity and the natural landscape.

We also visited a family-run fish sauce 'factory' where we uncovered the secret recipe of how a good bottle of fish sauce is made. Many mud pots of fish sauce were placed under the sun in order to facilitate the fermentation process. What was most eye opening was the amount of hard work put into the production of the fish sauce. Instead of relying on technology, pure manual labour was observed from the labeling of the bottles to the filling up of the bottles - one bottle at a time.

We look forward to sharing with you our Mangrove experience tomorrow!