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Nan Chiau High School Global Classroom


Today,is the last day of construction work.We see our finished products and are really proud of it.Painted library and toilet and the new drainage system.We somehow felt that all our hard work has been paid off and the whole project is a successful one.Today,we held a carnival for the children.We organised games for them to participate in. The only purpose of this carnival is to let the children enjoy themselves.One memorable moment for me was when i gave away stationaries to the children.I still remember clearly how the children reached both of their hands out to receive the gifts.Their face all written with gratitude.We feel happy and satisfied too.The only purpose for our team to come to cambodia is to help the children lead better lives.We did it at the end of the day.

NCHS Science Exchange Programme at Kyoto, Japan Day 4

In the early morning of Daishin-In temple, we woke up to sleepy yet excited hearts and mindsets, we could not wait to go to Rakuhoku High School to attend the exhilarating activities that were awaiting us. We had a traditional Japanese breakfast, served with miso soup and simple vegetarian dishes that were delicious and many people asked for seconds as always. After our breakfast, we left for Rakuhoku High School. The journey took us 1 hour to reach. Once arriving at this grand school which produced 2 Nobel prize winners, we proceeded to the meeting room where we were soon brought to classrooms where we were greeted by an overwhelming crowd of excited students. 1 NCHS student was grouped with 8 Rakuhoku students. They were extremely friendly and warm and we felt at home as we were treated so well. We made many new friends and throughout the bonding games and activities that were conducted, we bonded with them and connected with them through social media.

After the school visit ended, we went to Kyoto University with the 3 schools; Sagano, Momoyama and Rakuhoku High School. We learnt about the international civil engineering course offered and explored the design labs where replicas of real life civil projects were made, and we also visited a hydraulics lab. The university visit was enriching and fun. With that, the day ended.

NCHS Science Exchange Programme at Kyoto, Japan Day 5
After checking out of the Daishin-in Temple, we eagerly headed to Sagano High School again to attend lessons. We then attended the Traditional Math Lesson, Wanshu. It was an enriching experience with us learning things we would never have learnt in Singapore, such as Mamako Date, a mind-boggling puzzle that took many of us to solve. After that, we headed to the computer lab to have cultural exchanges with the first-years. For the first activity, we had to create a tower using spaghetti, strings and tape, which had to hold a marshmallow on top of it, which proved to be no easy task. Next, we proceeded to interact with the Japanese using questions we have prepared beforehand, which we shared with each other about our different traditions and cultures. Following that, there was a next group of Japanese students that came in, which we conducted another activity, which was to build a catapult using certain materials provided. Next, we carried out the same activity as the group before, which we had an equally great time.
Then, after lunch, we headed to Arashiyama to carry out a series of activities with students from Sagano High School. We were assigned to groups with at least two or three Sagano students. We had to head to different parts of Arashiyama to complete questions on the activity sheet given to us. Throughout the activity, we interacted more with the Japanese students assigned to our group and through their explanations, we learnt more about Arashiyama and Japanese culture.